Personal injury claims

How our process at Harris and Green Solicitors works:

  • Free Initial consultation helps us establish an understanding of the claim.
  • If the case is genuine we pass the case to an expert to handle your case.
  • We will investigate and gather evidence to back up your case.
  • A letter of claim will be sent to the other party/insurers stating that you intend to claim for the injuries caused by their fault. They then have up to four months to investigate the claim.
  • A Medical expert is instructed to evaluate your injuries.
  • Schedule of losses is prepared for you to claim any financial losses you have occurred.
  • Schedule of losses will be sent to the defendants asking them to pay.
  • If the case is accepted the defendant accepts liability the compensation amount is then negotiated with the defendant.
  • Your claim is settled and you are paid out your compensation and the solicitors costs.
  • However if the case is disputed by the defendant and an agreement cannot be agreed upon then the case goes to Court.

Why Choose Us!

Harris and Green Solicitors have a specialist team of personal injury solicitors and litigation lawyers dedicated to dealing with personal injury cases. Make your claim without having to leave your house.  As part of our commitment to you it is our job to make sure your claim is as hassle free as possible.

No Win - No Fee

Under a Conditional Fee Agreement we will not charge for any of our time if the claim is unsuccessful. If the claim is successful then the other side will pay our fees, including the success fee.

If you win you receive all your compensation, there are no deductions.

Fast Support

Not only are we regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, we pride ourselves in tailoring packages to meet our clients individual needs.

Unrivalled Service

We handle compensation claims for many types of road traffic accidents including car crashes,

  • Motorcycle collisions
  • Accidents on the motorway
  • Injuries to pedestrians

Industrial Disease

We have a specialist industrial disease department experienced in handling claims for most forms of industrial disease.

Very often industrial disease results from exposure to a substance or an unsafe working practice over a period of many years. Claims often involve the detailed investigation of an individuals working history and type of exposure to determine whether a claim can be pursued.  In certain types of cases symptoms can become apparent after several years.

No Win-No Fee

  • A truly revolutionary way to handle your claim, with no risk to your finances!
  • If your claim is successful we will recover all our charges along with your compensation from the other side.
  • If your claim is unsuccessful then you will not billed for any time spent on your claim.
  • Unlike many firms we do not ask for you to fund any of the expenses of running the claim.

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